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DCC Prep Classes

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Fall Prep Classes – Register NOW

All classes will include stretches to lengthen the muscles in the legs and proper kick techniques. Each month will continue building upon the foundation of flexibility and strength to help you bring your best you to the DCC auditions!


  • These classes are designed to help you succeed in auditions and throughout training camp.
  • Curriculum will target success of the auditions with training BOTH on the field and in the dance studio.
  • Prep classes will be held at the DCC Studio at The Star.



  • All classes are $50; unless bought prepackaged. More info on discounts on the Active registration page. 
  • Walk-up participants are welcome based on space availability. Walk-up registration is $50 per class session. Class size will be limited. Priority will be given to pre-registered attendees.
  • Online pre-registration is encouraged.



What to Wear

Wear comfortable attire that you can DANCE in.

2 piece attire: Top: Dance/Athletic Bra Top

Bottom: leggings, hot pants or bike shorts

Skin colored Dance Tights

Any type of dance shoes




DCC Audition Training Classes

Master Instructors and DCC Group Leaders will introduce you to the choreography and techniques taught to the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Squad. Learn DCC Dance Combinations, High Kicks, Performance Power and more from the ones who teach and train the members of the Squad. Classes are held on Fridays and/or Saturdays at the DCC Dance Studio at the Star.


Description for October classes:

10/13 and 10/27

DCC Associate Choreographer, Shelly Bramhall, designed these classes specifically for DCC Hopefuls. With more focus on technique and execution, we will build upon each Master Class before hitting the ground in the weekly DCC Prep Classes in the Spring. 

This class is dedicated to stretch and kick techniques. Floor Barre exercises are introduced to emphasize lengthening and flexibility of the hamstrings.  We will teach proper placement of body in different styles of kicks, including across the floor exercises and kicklines. We will teach proper placement of the body in the execution of different types of kicks that will help each dancer learn the art of control while performing high intensity kicks.


Description for November classes:

11/4 and 11/17

Adding on to the October stretching and kicking curriculum, this class will introduce sideline choreography taught by DCC Group Leaders. The beginning of each class will begin with a thorough Floor Barre stretch with kick technique. Some favorite DCC sidelines will be chosen that show the DCC style, with an emphasis on accents and musicality.


Description for December classes:

12/2 and 12/16

This month will continue with proper stretching, kick technique, and take all of the elements from the studio, including DCC sideline choreography, and add them to the field. We will tackle across the field movement and dancing in a larger arena.