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Deep Blue Season 2



After five full seasons as the head coach, Jason Garrett has had plenty of time to mold the Cowboys’ culture into its current state. But the philosophies he has used were all created in one week, when the Cowboys made a coaching change in the middle of a dismal 2010 season. Garrett stepped right in, and not only made sweeping changes, he managed to keep one eye on the big picture and another on a Sunday at 4:15.



Hall of Famer Michael Irvin, Ring of Honor member, Drew Pearson and Pro Bowl Wide receiver Dez Bryant sit down for a once in a lifetime conversation about the pressures and expectations of playing for America’s Team and donning the number 88 on their jersey.



Larry Allen began his life beneath the darkest shadows of the City of Angels, in Compton, California…Where his struggle to survive was surpassed only by his will to excel. From Compton to Canton documents the peaks and valleys of Larry’s journey from the depths of despair, to the most elite fraternity in all of sports.



In 1960, the National Football League’s newest franchise, the Cowboys, the first located in America’s south, brought together a collection of men, both black and white, who wore the star. Who stood, perhaps unknowingly, at the forefront of change. Their single purpose? To win. But that drive, that focused commitment, also helped to bring about a cultural shift. One that affected not only the city of Dallas, but the entire country as well.



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