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Drumline - Tim Dahl


Hey Cowboys Fans!

Tim here, excited to be drumming with the Dallas Cowboys Rhythm & Blue Drumline again this year.  I hope you all enjoy our beats as much as we love playing them for you!

Yours with flams,



Number of years on the team: 1.75?

Prior Experience: High school band (94-00) -- College Band: MTSU(02-03) -- PAS: MTSU (04 --, WGI: Patriots 98-00, SPYE 01, Music City Mystique 04 – DCI: Rochester Patriots 98-01, 03, Madison Scouts 02 -- Mavs Drumline 2012-Current – FCDallas Drumline 2013-Current – Cutting Edge Haunted House 2012-2015 – Dynamic Rhythm Entertainment 2012-Current

Hometown: East Syracuse, NY

Nicknames: Tim.  TimDahl.

I am a musician because: playing music has always felt like something I needed to do.  I’ve been playing in some form since the 3rd grade and I can’t imagine my life without that creative outlet present.

What do I like to do most besides drumming is: actively participating in and raising money for events with the National MS Society to raise awareness for and hopefully help to cure Multiple Sclerosis.  Other than that the regular stuff; cooking, gaming, reading…drumming…did I say drumming?! 

I’ve always wanted to: every state in the US.  And then every country in the EU.  After that can start working on South America and Asia.

Advice to Youngsters: Learning new things can be difficult and it’s OK to not excel at something right away.  Hard work pays off.  The easy road does nothing but limit your potential.  Dig in and go after it!

My biggest role model is: My parents are my biggest role models by far.  My mom is a small business owner for more than 40 years, my dad is a high level manager at a Mack Trucks location and both have worked their way up from their respective ground levels to become as successful as they are today.  They have both taught me that hard work pays off and no one gets anywhere by being lazy.  Without their lessons and them forcing me to not give up when things got tough I would not be in the position that I am today in work and life.  Work hard and earn it.  It’s sweeter that way!

What I enjoy most about being a DCRB Drummer is: Gameday.  It’s an electric sort of vibe and the fans are super pumped to be at the stadium.  They exude positivity and appreciation for what we’re doing and we are able unite for a moment or two, transcending any differences we may have!

Favorite Cowboys player past or present: Moose Johnston, former Syracuse Orange and all around great player!

Favorite Band: Rush is most definitely my favorite band, probably since I was 12 or 13.  Unmatched precision and musicianship, genuine enjoyment of what they are doing, and 40+ years of incredible songs make it easy to love this band and their music.

Favorite Quotes: Too often we judge other groups by their worst examples, while judging ourselves by our best intentions.”  -George W Bush, “  --  “Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.” -Pete Clemenza

The three guests I would invite to my fantasy dinner party are: Neal Peart, Mel Brooks, and Louis CK.  All three of these people are masters in their particular field of art and in many cases helped to truly create their field and inspire other’s creativity.  The other thing that impresses me is that they don’t act like they are huge influences to scores of people, they are just themselves, doing their art the way they do it.