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Spagnola: These Everson Walls Facts Certainly Demand Hall Of Fame Inclusion

Article Posted Fri, 12 Jan 2018

FIRSCO, Texas – This needs to be shouted from the highest mountain. Read          Heck, write your congressperson. Read          Do what you can to spread the word: Read          Everson Walls deserves to be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and that decision by the selection committee will take place Feb. 3, in Minneapolis, Minn., the Saturday before Super Bowl LII is played on Sunday. Read

Spagnola: Rather Amazing 50 Years Ago Sunday Ice Bowl Still Frozen In Time

Article Posted Fri, 29 Dec 2017

FRISCO, Texas – Let me out myself from the start. Read          Grew up in the South Suburbs of Chicago, South Chicago Heights to be exact, nearly the furthest southern suburb of Chicago before the country began, like 35 miles from The City. Read          Grew up a White Sox fan, not Cubs. Read          Staunch Blackhawks and Bulls fan. Read          But not Bears. Uh, Packers. Read

Villalba: No hay donde esconderse luego de tal desastre

Article Posted Mon, 25 Dec 2017

Los abucheos de la fanaticada Vaquera con el balón en la yarda dos y formación escopeta fue algo para que el mismo Ripley nunca se hubiera ni halucinado en un repleto AT&T Stadium.  Read Pues así fue, y la verdad fue algo difícil de digerir durante el transcurso de esta dolorosa derrota 21-12 a manos de unos supuestos ofensivamente raquíticos Halcones Marinos de Seattle. Read No hay vuelta de hoja para estos Vaqueros de Dallas edición 2017.  Read

Sullivan: Garrett Keeping Cowboys Focused, Appreciating Dak, More

Article Posted Tue, 19 Dec 2017

A few years back, I was picking up a buddy to play golf and his wife was watching some ridiculous reality show about teenage mothers. I could feel IQ points exiting my brain in the minutes I tried not to watch. During the commercial break, I trashed the show and reality TV in general. She replied, “What’s the difference between this and watching sports? It’s all reality TV.” Read

Sham: Unheralded ‘Third Phase’ Continues To Be Special For Cowboys

Article Posted Wed, 6 Dec 2017

It’s nice to have things to rely on. Read Overeating at holiday time. Mall traffic in December. Coach-speak. Read Football coaches speak a language all their own. Some of it is the stuff of cliché on which we come to rely: “We have to run the ball, and stop the run.” “I really won’t know until I see the tape.” “We have to be/were/weren’t strong in all three phases.” Read

Spagnola: The Worst It’s Ever Been For Cowboys Offense Past Three Games

Article Posted Fri, 24 Nov 2017

ARLINGTON, Texas – Some Thanksgiving, huh. Read          Never seen anything like this. Read          You probably haven’t either. Read          Not even the old-timers, going way, way back to this franchise’s 1960 inception, 58 seasons ago. Read          Why in the past three games, and no surprise, three consecutive losses, here is what the Dallas Cowboys have produced: Read          Against Atlanta, 7 points. Read          Against Philadelphia, 9 points. Read          Against LA Chargers, 6 points. Read

A Divisive Time, The 1987 Strike Caused Frustration For Cowboys Veterans

Article Posted Fri, 20 Oct 2017

It’s forever known as Black Monday for the historic crash of the stock market. However, there was another event, a crash and burn of its own accord, that kicked off hours after the financial carnage ended. Read On Oct. 19, 1987, on no less a stage than Monday Night Football, Washington defeated the Dallas Cowboys, 13-7, in Texas Stadium. Over the last three decades, the game has taken on mythical context, a stunning upset for the ages, the focus of a recent ESPN 30 For 30 documentary: Year of the Scab. Read

For All The Skill Players, Cowboys’ Offensive Success Relies On The ‘Engine’

Article Posted Mon, 16 Oct 2017

There is a strange relationship in this game of football with offensive linemen. You know, those big sloppies. The grunts. The guys normally never invited to pose for any of those fund-raising player calendars. Read   Read They are a huge necessity, and in great need. As Dallas Cowboys Pro Football Hall of Famer Rayfield Wright, a six-time NFL Pro Bowler, likes to say, “You’ve got to put the engine in there before the car is going to move.” Read Truer words never spoken. Read

5 claves del juego: Mundo de incógnitas para estos Cowboys

Article Posted Fri, 6 Oct 2017

Luego de una dolorosa derrota en su propio patio a manos del joven Jared Goff y compañía, el equipo de Jason Garrett ahora espera la visita del experimentado verdugo Aaron Rodgers al AT&T Stadium en esta quinta jornada. Read Basta recordar aquella tarde en enero cuando Rodgers sacó su vara mágica en tercera y 20 con escasos segundos en el reloj conectando con pase al medio campo con Jared Cook para servirle la mesa al veterano Mason Crosby para la patada que les diera la oportunidad de seguir en la gran fiesta ante los Halcones Negros en Atlanta. Read