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Mailbag: Pros & Cons Of Romo's Statement? Timing Of The Decision?

Article Posted Wed, 16 Nov 2016

JOHN BUIORANGE, CAWas Tony Romo’s statement more of a pro or con in your opinion?  I believe this is a pro in that Dak no longer has to look over his shoulder.  I also believe this is a con because it would benefit Dak to watch Tony play, pick Tony's brain, listen to calls during the game on the sideline and watch how Tony executes, audibles, etc. and Dak won't get that chance.  I believe Tony's statement is also a con in that while Tony's intent was to clear the air with the media to lessen the distraction, I believe it did the opposite. Read

Mailbag: Job Prospects For The Coordinators? Covering Terrelle Pryor?

Article Posted Fri, 4 Nov 2016

MARCO ASPAASVANCOUVER, WACoach Marinelli and Coach Linehan both have their units playing well and really seem to have respect for Coach Garrett and his philosophies. I wonder if both coaches are at the point in their careers where they realize how good of a position they are in and are satisfied with their coaching status, or if you think one of them may take another shot at a head coaching position if the opportunity presented itself? Read