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Spagnola: Chewing On Some Cowboys Draft Flexibility With No Position Excluded

Article Posted Fri, 16 Feb 2018

FRISCO, Texas – Thinking this happens at this time of the year, somewhat prematurely, every year. Read          Draft talk. Draft analysis. Top 10 projections by position. Top 50 boards. Top 5 needs by team. On and on. Read          And to think, the NFL Draft – that, oh, by the way, will be held at AT&T Stadium April 26-28 – is still 69 days away. More than two months. Nearly 10 weeks. Read          Yet, still the buzz. Read

Star Evaluation: Sack Numbers Minimal; But Crawford Gives Versatility, Pressure

Article Posted Tue, 30 Jan 2018

While free agency officially begins in March, roster turnover isn’t too far away. The Cowboys will indeed add and presumably release players, along with letting some go without a new contract. Read However, the majority of the 2018 roster is already in place. In the coming weeks, the staff of will preview those players, analyzing where they’ve been and where they’re going. Read

Mailbag: Most Troublesome Free Agent Position? Future At DT Position?

Article Posted Mon, 29 Jan 2018

BRANDON HART Read RICHMOND, VA Read What position could be most impacted by one of our free agents leaving town? Read Bryan: I don’t see Lawrence getting signed when tagged so that leaves Hitchens or Ladouceur as possibilities. I would hate to see what direction this club would go if they had to replace one of the most reliable long snappers in the league. He is worth every penny they would pay him on a new contract.  Read

Back To The Future: Cowboys Showed Their Potential In Back-To-Back Wins

Article Posted Thu, 18 Jan 2018

(Editor’s Note: The 2017 Cowboys finished with a winning record, but they fell out of the playoffs in a disappointing follow-up to a 13-3 season. As the team seeks to find a way back to the postseason, the writers of will look back at last year, picking a positive and a negative from all 16 games that might be something to either build on or correct as we head into the 2018 season.) Read

2017 Review: Evaluating Ups & Downs From Cowboys’ Rollercoaster Season

Article Posted Fri, 5 Jan 2018

FRISCO, Texas – The NFL Playoffs will begin this weekend without the Cowboys in the 12-team tournament to crown the next Super Bowl champion. Read Ultimately, that was the team’s goal when training camp began more than five months ago. The Cowboys did secure their first back-to-back winning season since 2007, but their 9-7 record wasn’t enough to earn a wild-card spot. Read Today, the staff reflects on the ups and downs from a 2017 season that ended in disappointment:  Read   Read

Mick Shots: Looking Back, Looking At Numbers And About Time For Cubby

Article Posted Thu, 4 Jan 2018

FRISCO, Texas – OK, that’s that. Read          Locker room is basically empty, save some of the rehab guys. Read          The practice fields, indoors and out, are empty, too. Read          Yep, the Cowboys’ 2017 season has come to a screeching halt, and within three days of their 6-0 victory in Philadelphia on Sunday, the offseason has begun with everyone on the outside in a rush-hour hurry to fix everything that went wrong in a 9-7 season. Read

Spagnola: Accepting Consolation Prize Is Never An Easy Thing To Do

Article Posted Mon, 1 Jan 2018

PHILADELPHIA – Those of you old enough might remember this: Read          Back in the early days of the NCAA Final Four basketball tournament, the two teams losing in the semifinal games would play each other on Saturday afternoon before the championship game for third place. Read          Was called the Consolation Game. Read

Final Thoughts: Opportunities For Young Players With An Eye On 2018

Article Posted Fri, 29 Dec 2017

FRISCO, Texas – One last time in 2017, it’s time to sit down and figure out how the Cowboys will approach their upcoming matchup. Read Yes, we’ve established that this game doesn’t count in the standings. The Cowboys’ season will be over on Sunday evening, regardless of the result. But the intent is still to end the season on a high note, and so it’ll be interesting to see how they handle this game. Read