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Back To The Future: Offense Hit Stride in Weeks 3-4, But Defense Started to Crack

Article Posted Tue, 16 Jan 2018

(Editor’s Note: The 2017 Cowboys finished with a winning record, but they fell out of the playoffs in a disappointing follow-up to a 13-3 season. As the team seeks to find a way back to the postseason, the writers of will look back at last year, picking a positive and a negative from all 16 games that might be something to either build on or correct as we head into the 2018 season.) Read

Garcia: El futuro de los Cowboys 2018 depende del draft

Article Posted Tue, 16 Jan 2018

El futuro de los Cowboys 2018 depende de este draft. Aquí les dejo mis pensamientos y el porqué… Read Entiendo la frustración de todos los fanáticos, pero la realidad del caso es que el entrenador en jefe Jason Garrett no se va para ningún lado – o por lo menos no por ahora. Read Tampoco se ilusionen con la espera de un cambio de coordinador ofensivo, porque todo parece indicar que eso no sucederá – o por lo menos eso fue lo que Garrett y el dueño/gerente general de los Cowboys, Jerry Jones, dieron a entender en distintas entrevistas. Read

Gut Feeling: D-Law Aside, Which FA Should Cowboys Make Sure to Keep?

Article Posted Wed, 10 Jan 2018

FRISCO, Texas – As the Cowboys turn their attention forward to the 2018 season, the first big step in the process involves free agency. Before the team can really focus on players from other teams, they must decide on a few of their own guys with expiring contracts. Read

Mailbag: Future Of The WR Corps? Assessing The 2015 Draft Class?

Article Posted Wed, 3 Jan 2018

DAN RITCH Read RAMSTEIN, GERMANY Read With Bryant, Williams, Beasley, Brown and Switzer all still under contract for next year, how do you see the Cowboys being able to upgrade the WR position? Assuming they don't resign Butler, there still doesn't seem to be a lot of room to bring in new players. So, who is likely the odd man out Read

Spagnola: Accepting Consolation Prize Is Never An Easy Thing To Do

Article Posted Mon, 1 Jan 2018

PHILADELPHIA – Those of you old enough might remember this: Read          Back in the early days of the NCAA Final Four basketball tournament, the two teams losing in the semifinal games would play each other on Saturday afternoon before the championship game for third place. Read          Was called the Consolation Game. Read

Scout’s Eye: More Positives From The Young DBs, Analyzing Bailey’s Misses

Article Posted Mon, 1 Jan 2018

FRISCO, Texas – Somehow, we’ve made it through to the end of another regular season. I don’t know where the time went. Read It wasn’t a memorable performance all the way around, but the Cowboys will be pleased to end this season and start 2018 on a high note with a win. And, as sloppy as the play looked at times, there were plenty of positives to take away from this 6-0 win in Philadelphia – especially from the young players on this Cowboys roster. Read