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Mailbag: Addressing The Pass Rush? Importance of Retaining Will McClay

Article Posted Fri, 12 Jan 2018

JAMES JORDAN Read CONVERSE, TX Read Why would Will McClay turn down the opportunity to become a GM with the Houston Texans when he is currently below the GM (Jerry Jones) here in Dallas? Was Will promised more personnel decision-making authority (similar to a GM) if he stayed in Dallas? Read Bryan: I asked Will why he stayed. He said it wasn’t the right time or the right fit. I promise he’ll have his day in the sun. This organization is fortunate to have him on staff. Loyalty is a big thing for him. Read

Mailbag: How Big Of A Need Is CB? Players Earning Bigger Roles?

Article Posted Tue, 15 Dec 2015

JAMES JORDANCONVERSE, TXIt is said that a good pass rush helps out a mediocre defensive backfield.  Since we were not able to get much of a pass rush this year, do you think Dallas should spend the money to obtain a shutdown corner either through free agency or the draft? Read