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Spagnola: Chasing Your Tail In Free Agency Is A Dangerous Thing To Do

Article Posted Fri, 9 Feb 2018

FRISCO, Texas – Now that the parade is over – I think – and the hysteria is quieting down since the Philadelphia Eagles finally won a Super Bowl, let’s look at things rather realistically. Read          Because I’m sure everyone in the cities of the other 31 NFL teams are all asking the same question: Read          What do we have to do to catch up with the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles? Read

Don’t Forget About These 5: The Most Game-Changing Plays of 2017 Season

Article Posted Thu, 12 Oct 2017

FRISCO, Texas – In the NFL, sometimes it can be as little as one play that change the entire course of the game. So far in this still-young of a season, the Cowboys have had their share of momentum-altering plays. Read After each game, we will post an article that outlines five key plays that could fly under the radar, but still played a determining factor in the outcome of the game. Read After five weeks and heading into the bye week, we decided to pick one from each game, that perhaps had the biggest impact on the five games the Cowboys have played so far. Read

Writer's Blocks: On Perspective, Dak's Accuracy & Early Season Struggles

Article Posted Thu, 5 Oct 2017

FRISCO, Texas – I wrote about the importance of perspective back during Week 1, and you’ll have to forgive me if I harp on it again just one month later. Read It’s one thing to witness the devastating effects of a hurricane, not to mention the communal support that sprouts up around it. As horrendous as Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria have been to the citizens of this country, at least they’re natural disasters. We’ve never had any control over them, and I’d imagine we never will. Read

Mick Shots: Say It Ain’t So Charles, Lee Still Iffy & That Offensive Line Play

Article Posted Wed, 4 Oct 2017

FRISCO, Texas – The Cowboys haven’t lost two consecutive games since dropping the final four in 2015, and after losing to the Los Angeles Rams this past Sunday, who should come up next snooping around but the Green Bay Packers. You might know the Cowboys have dropped six of their past seven games to the Packers, including being eliminated from the 2014 and 2016 playoffs by the Pack. Read

Final Thoughts: Helping Dez, Boosting The Run Game, D-Line Rotation

Article Posted Mon, 25 Sep 2017

FRISCO, Texas – It feels strange to write this after the weekend, rather than before – but that’s the schedule that goes with Monday Night Football. Read After a long wait, we know have our first chance to watch the Cowboys since that forgettable outing in Denver. It doesn’t look any easier this week, with another tough defense and another rowdy road stadium on the docket in Arizona. Read It’ll be on the Cowboys to start better than they did last week if they’re going to get the result they want. With that in mind, here’s what I’m looking for when kickoff finally arrives. Read   Read

Cinco claves para el partido Cowboys contra Broncos

Article Posted Fri, 15 Sep 2017

Desde sus respectivos arribos a la NFL, uno siendo de las franquicias fundadoras de la American Football League de los ‘60s, y la otra una franquicia de expansión de la National Football League en 1960, la expectativa siempre ha sido la misma en estos duelos. Read Lucha sin cuartel. Read