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Gut Feeling: What Is The Cowboys’ Biggest Concern Entering 2018?

Article Posted Thu, 11 Jan 2018

FRISCO, Texas – The first round of the NFL playoffs not only provided some entertaining games, but likely gave the Cowboys and their fans added frustration as they sit on the outside looking in. Three opponents from the 2017 season played this past weekend, with the Falcons advancing to the divisional round. Read This week, the will try to answer some of the more pressing questions that surround this team, both looking forward and backward. Read

Spagnola: Accepting Consolation Prize Is Never An Easy Thing To Do

Article Posted Mon, 1 Jan 2018

PHILADELPHIA – Those of you old enough might remember this: Read          Back in the early days of the NCAA Final Four basketball tournament, the two teams losing in the semifinal games would play each other on Saturday afternoon before the championship game for third place. Read          Was called the Consolation Game. Read

Don’t Forget About These 5: Switzer With 2 Third-Down Gains, Smith’s Stop, More

Article Posted Sun, 31 Dec 2017

PHILADELPHIA – As the up-and-down 2017 season came to an end, the Cowboys were able to escape Philly with a 6-0 victory, despite there being a lack of big plays.   Read But all games have those plays that can get lost in the shuffle but still played a huge part in the final outcome. Check out the five that affected this final game.   Read   Read

Jason Garrett’s Approach To Season Finale: Healthy Players Will Play vs. Eagles

Article Posted Wed, 27 Dec 2017

FRISCO, Texas – The playoffs are no longer possible, but Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett is approaching Sunday’s finale at Philadelphia just like the first 15 games of the season. Read “Anybody who is healthy is going to play in this game,” Garrett said Wednesday before practice. “If they’re not healthy, they won’t play in the game.” Read Last Sunday’s 21-12 loss to Seattle officially eliminated the Cowboys (8-7) from playoff contention with one game remaining. But Garrett has instilled in his team a mindset of finishing strong, no matter their circumstances. Read

Final Thoughts: New Look For The Defense? Favorable Looks For Dez; More

Article Posted Thu, 30 Nov 2017

FRISCO, Texas – It feels like it’s been a lot longer than 12 days, but here we are. Read This rough stretch is finally at an end for the Cowboys, and they’ll get some time to rest when this game against Washington is over. Before that, though, it would be nice if they could break this three-game losing streak heading into the final month of the season. Read

Sullivan: What Has Happened In Last Three Games Just Doesn’t Make Sense

Article Posted Mon, 27 Nov 2017

The 1960 Dallas Cowboys weren’t supposed to play a game. The league made the decision so late in the process, in the hopes of not allowing the AFL’s Dallas Texans a year’s head start with fans, that the draft had already taken place. Thus, the expansion Cowboys were at even more of a disadvantage. Read