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Mick Shots: No Such Thing As An Offseason In NFL, Just No-Game Season

Article Posted Wed, 10 Jan 2018

FIRSCO, Texas – That time of year, with the Cowboys already “gone fishing,” we sit back to watch the rest of the playoffs. That is, if you can stomach watching all these games. Read          So from the first round of the postseason this past weekend, here is what stood out to me as of utmost importance if you are going to win in the playoffs. Read          First, better score. With the exception of the Jags beatings the Bills, the other three first-round winners scored at least 22 points, with the Saints and Falcons a high of 31 and 26, respectively. Read

Spagnola: Accepting Consolation Prize Is Never An Easy Thing To Do

Article Posted Mon, 1 Jan 2018

PHILADELPHIA – Those of you old enough might remember this: Read          Back in the early days of the NCAA Final Four basketball tournament, the two teams losing in the semifinal games would play each other on Saturday afternoon before the championship game for third place. Read          Was called the Consolation Game. Read

Villalba: Victoria ante el hoyo negro en Oakland

Article Posted Mon, 18 Dec 2017

En lo que pudiera haber sido el último juego de los Raiders en el vetusto Coliseo de Oakland en el Condado de Alameda, los Vaqueros se escaparon con una victoria 20-17 sobre los pupilos de Jack Del Rio en cotejo de domingo en la noche. Read

Final Thoughts: New Look For The Defense? Favorable Looks For Dez; More

Article Posted Thu, 30 Nov 2017

FRISCO, Texas – It feels like it’s been a lot longer than 12 days, but here we are. Read This rough stretch is finally at an end for the Cowboys, and they’ll get some time to rest when this game against Washington is over. Before that, though, it would be nice if they could break this three-game losing streak heading into the final month of the season. Read