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Victor Villalba: Vaqueros dominan en todos los departamentos

Article Posted Mon, 23 Oct 2017

Una semana llena de dudas fue el mar que tuvieron que navegar los pupilos de Jason Garrett luego de su descanso obligado.  Con la maquinaria en el taller, se buscaba  afinar algunos detalles cuyo resultado inicial resultó en un contundente 40-10 que ahora pone a los Vaqueros con marca de 18-17-1 en todos los tiempos de esta añeja rivalidad. Read

Don’t Forget About These 5: The Most Game-Changing Plays of 2017 Season

Article Posted Thu, 12 Oct 2017

FRISCO, Texas – In the NFL, sometimes it can be as little as one play that change the entire course of the game. So far in this still-young of a season, the Cowboys have had their share of momentum-altering plays. Read After each game, we will post an article that outlines five key plays that could fly under the radar, but still played a determining factor in the outcome of the game. Read After five weeks and heading into the bye week, we decided to pick one from each game, that perhaps had the biggest impact on the five games the Cowboys have played so far. Read

Progress Report: After 5 Games, Taking Closer Look at Cowboys’ Special Teams

Article Posted Thu, 12 Oct 2017

FRISCO, Texas -- With only five games into the 2017 season, there’s still plenty of football left for these Cowboys as they enter the bye week. But a handful of games is also enough time to evaluate not only the team as a whole, but breaking down the three phases of the team. Read So over the next three days, let’s take a closer look at what has gone right, what hasn’t been up to par and what needs to change on the offense, defense and special teams. Read Today, it’s the Special Teams.   Read   Read

These 5 Cowboys Players Could Play Pivotal Role After The Bye Week

Article Posted Wed, 11 Oct 2017

FRISCO, Texas – The Cowboys are back to practice this week, holding two light workouts Wednesday and Thursday before they take a four-day break from football during the bye. Read It’s been nearly two years since the team went through a two-game losing streak – the final two weeks of the 2015 season – but there have been bright spots over the first five games in 2017. Read

Rob’s Figure 4: Clock Management, 3rd Quarter Woes, Run Defense; More

Article Posted Tue, 10 Oct 2017

  Read (Editor’s Note: senior writer and pro wrestling aficionado Rob Phillips’ new column, “Figure 4,” identifies four key statistics each week that impact the Cowboys’ on-field performance.) Read FRISCO, Texas – First, a quick reminder that every season is its own entity: Read In 2016, the Cowboys were 6-0 in the regular season when scoring at least 30 points. In 2017, they’ve lost two straight home games despite topping the 30-point mark. Read Go figure. Read

Don’t Forget About These 5: Penalties Costly; Offense Left Too Much Time?

Article Posted Sun, 8 Oct 2017

ARLINGTON, Texas – With 66 points scored, including two touchdowns in the final minutes, there were plenty of fireworks to be had in this game. The highlight reel is full of exciting plays from this wild 35-31 finish.   Read But several plays throughout the game might have gone unnoticed but still had a big role in the final outcome. Here are a handful of hidden plays that changed the game. Read   Read

Mailbag: Switzer In The Passing Game? Rodgers Against The Young DBs?

Article Posted Thu, 5 Oct 2017

AARON HASSLERPHILADELPHIA, PAAll we heard this offseason was how polished Switzer is as a route runner. When do you think we will finally see him included in the pass game? Read   Read Bryan: I think there will be a day where we see more of Switzer but you have to consider who you would take off the field to get him involved? The coaches are comfortable with the guys they currently use so that’s working against him.  Read

Rob’s Figure 4: Stalled Drives; Missing Lee; Biggest Test vs. Rodgers; More

Article Posted Tue, 3 Oct 2017

(Editor’s Note: senior writer and pro wrestling aficionado Rob Phillips’ new column, “Figure 4,” identifies four key statistics each week that impact the Cowboys’ on-field performance.) Read FRISCO, Texas – The general consensus, perhaps outside of L.A., seems to be the Cowboys should have beaten the Rams at home this past Sunday. Read They racked up 440 yards of total offense. They led at halftime. When either of those things happened last year, they won. Every time. Read

Spagnola: This Was Absolutely No Time To Lend The Rams A Helping Hand

Article Posted Mon, 2 Oct 2017

ARLINGTON, Texas – Aaaarrrgh!!! Read          Right? You did it. That groan came out of your very mouths Sunday afternoon. Multiple times. Just agonizingly frustrating. Read          I mean, the Cowboys held 17-6 and 24-13 leads over the Los Angeles Rams here at AT&T Stadium where they had won eight consecutive games. Read          The Cowboys scored 24 first-half points, the most first-half points since Game 3 of last season. Read          The Cowboys gained 440 total yards, 28 more than the Rams and their most since Game 14 of last year. Read