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Mailbag: Impact Of Losing Rich Bisaccia? Looking For Backup Quarterbacks?

Article Posted Thu, 11 Jan 2018

GARY DAVIS Read FRESNO, CA Read Every fan can argue about the competency of the offensive and defensive coordinators. Ups, downs, yada yada. But I’ll argue special teams had consistently been at the top of the league for the last 4-5 years. So how big of a deal is it really that Rich Bisaccia’s gone? Read

Mailbag: Thoughts On Drafting Charles Harris? Improvement In Secondary?

Article Posted Tue, 25 Apr 2017

GARY DAVISFRESNO, CAEvery week or so when the mock drafts come out at least one seems to have Charles Harris going to the Cowboys at No. 28, but I've heard almost nothing about him except in passing on your podcasts over the last couple weeks, good or bad. Should I be encouraged or dissuaded if he's the pick at 28? Read

Mailbag: More Priority Placed On Cornerback? Interest In David Njoku?

Article Posted Thu, 20 Apr 2017

GARY DAVISFRESNO, CAIn Marinelli's scheme the only players that don't seem to rotate are CBs. Even a star lineman might play 30-40 snaps vs. a CB that will play 60ish. Is that statement reasonable & if so, will a first round DB be more valuable than a first round DE in this scheme? Read