7) Will Tyler Smith Play More Guard Or Tackle?


(Editor's Note: Over the next month, the staff of DallasCowboys.com is looking to answer the 20 biggest questions facing the team heading into the 2022 season. Today, the staff writers discuss first-round draft pick Tyler Smith's most likely position as a rookie.)

7) Will Tyler Smith Play More Guard Or Tackle?

Mickey Spagnola: Well, that will depend on a few things. If Smith earns a starting position, then he will play the majority of his snaps at left guard. But remember, the Cowboys are challenging the first-round pick with Connor McGovern. They are going to make him earn that starting job. If he's not the starter, the Cowboys have been working him behind Tyron Smith at left tackle when the Pro Bowl tackle isn't taking all the first-team snaps. Then it might be offensive tackle. But that's one of the many reasons we're going to training camp to find out.

Nick Eatman: I hope I'm wrong about this, but something tells me he's going to play more tackle. I know what that "something" is and it's the fact that Tyron Smith just can't seem to get rid of the constant back/neck/shoulder issues. It's not going to get much better and Tyron will have to fight through it like he's done the last few years. That being said, maybe the overall play to play Tyler Smith at tackle comes sooner than we think. We're not really talking much about this, but what happens if Tyler Smith is appreciably better than Terence Steele at right tackle? Maybe Tyler Smith and Tyron Smith are the tackles when everyone is healthy, and Steele is the one who fills in for Tyron. Now, all of that also hinges on Connor McGovern being better at left guard and handling that spot. But to answer the initial question, I just see Tyler Smith playing a little more tackle than guard. If that's not the case, it'll be a good thing for the Cowboys meaning that Tyron and Steele are holding up just fine.

Rob Phillips: Left guard, specifically, assuming that Tyron Smith and Terence Steele are the starting tackles for most of the season. Injuries are always the wild card, but Tyron has made double-digit starts in 10 of 11 seasons in the league. This will be a real competition at left guard between Tyler Smith and Connor McGovern, but ultimately I think Smith will win the job and his strength and power will be an asset to the running game.

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