Best-Case Scenario

  • When the Cowboys were drawing this up, they had big things in mind for their newcomers on defense. Clearly, Gerald Sensabaugh and Keith Brooking have been nothing short of outstanding. The Cowboys are so much better with Sensabaugh back there and it makes Ken Hamlin better as well. Brooking not only

knows where to be and knows how to tackle, but he isn't shy about being a vocal voice this team needs defensively.

And if all that isn't enough, let's not forget the special teams play. The Cowboys have made an all-out effort to improve that area, evident by the addition of special teams coach Joe DeCamillis, one of the most respected in the business. But the fact the Cowboys had five players active Sunday that were just special teams guys, that says enough right there. But David Buehler has been everything the Cowboys hoped for - with four more touchbacks Sunday. And then when Allen Rossum goes down on his first return with the Cowboys, Crayton steps right in and picks up the slack. We all know Crayton is far from a speedster, so that should tell us how great the blocking was on his game-clinching punt return in the fourth quarter.

OK, before we get too crazy here, let's remember the Cowboys are still 4-2. They've had two tough losses and up until Sunday, they hadn't beaten any team that will contend for the playoffs.

There aren't many "perfect games" in football and this certainly wasn't an exception. The Cowboys had their share of mistakes, with some penalties and missed assignments.

But for this game on this day, it was everything the Cowboys could've hoped for. Now the question begs, whether the Cowboys have officially turned the corner themselves or this was an aberration of their own.

Either way, the Cowboys needed a game like this. So without a doubt, they'll take it.

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