Catch Up: From New Hires To Possible Departures


Regardless of the situation, a game week is always filled with news and storylines from both sides of the ball.

Each week, Cowboys Catch-Up will get you fully prepared, reviewing some of the top stories and videos of the week, courtesy of the staff.



  • A lot needs to happen in the offseason to turn a 6-10 team into a playoff team. Barry Church and Danny McCray debate what's the most urgent thing to address. [Watch Player's Lounge discuss the offseason priorities]
  • Did you know Dan Quinn coached one of the greatest defenses ever? "Loaded with Pro Bowl talent, the 2013 Super Bowl champion Seahawks became the first team since the '85 Bears -- widely considered the best defense of all-time -- to lead the league in takeaways, fewest points allowed and fewest yards allowed," Rob Phillip writes. [Phillips with 5 Facts About Dan Quinn]


  • The one-year Aldon Smith experiment was a success. "Ultimately, time and numbers will determine whether Smith's tenure in Dallas will turn out to be an inspiring one-year tale or a long-term winning relationship," Jonny Auping writes. [Auping on whether Aldon Smith's future will involve the Cowboys]
  • Which players from last year's roster will be back with the Cowboys next season? Will any big names be wearing different jerseys? The best way to find out is to ask Dave Helman. [Watch Dave make some predictions on #AskTheBoys]
  • With so much speculation about new players that might be added to the team, you can't overlook the possibilities of players on this roster not being back. The crew of Derek, Dave, Ambar and Nick had a nice discussion about Jaylon Smith's future with team, and does it change with the addition of Dan Quinn. Watch Cowboys Break to see what the future might hold for Jaylon Smith.



  • What really went wrong this past season? Is there a free agent out there who can make things right? Isaiah Stanback, Bucky Brooks, and Nate Newton get right to it. [Watch Special Edition try to tackle an offseason full of questions]
  • Is Dan Quinn going to come in and ask players to switch positions? Will there be more one-year contracts signed this offseason? Or will the opposite be true? Nick Eatman and Jonny Auping try to answer these questions. [Read all of Friday's mailbag]
  • Bucky Brooks has seen plenty of tape on Dan Quinn defenses, and he thinks the fit is right. "He believes in creating a brotherhood within the unit that enables players to hold each other accountable for their performance and production," Bucks writes. [Read all of 5 Bucks]
  • So maybe the 2020 season is one that Cowboys fans want to forget. But let's reflect back on some of the highs & lows as the staff writers got together to pick the best and worst moments of 2020 in the final edition of Further Review.

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