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CowBuzz: Zeke Settles All Weight Rumors


On Monday night, Ezekiel Elliott, Dak Prescott and Cooper Rush were seen supporting the Dallas Stars as they defeated the Nashville Predators to move onto the next round of the NHL playoffs.

A big moment of the night came when Prescott and Elliott were seen on the video board with Prescott feeding Elliott popcorn, while he did his famous "feed me" signal.

Prior to Monday night's game with him indulging in snack food, fans were also posting messages about him looking bigger than he should be after he posted an image from Von Miller day this past weekend.

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Ezekiel Elliott took to twitter to post a video to clear any concerns about his weight.

The 230 pounds puts Elliott less than five pounds from his NFL combine weight in 2016.

With Elliott putting any overweight rumors to bed this should settle the debate for those wondering if he'll follow up his all-pro 2018 season.

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