Dallas Cowboys Video Statement: Protest to Progress

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This video statement, the first in a series that will be released by the Dallas Cowboys, reflects the organization's statement regarding the recent tragedies in our country while also disclosing interactions between the team, its players, and community leaders: including law enforcement (7 local police chiefs), judicial figures (8 judges), social service leaders and Dallas city attorneys.

This program was initiated, and is being led, by the team's players and is being facilitated by the organization.

These conversations, which began two years ago and are currently ongoing, have served to educate the organization and its players on the magnitude of the systemic problem of racism and to offer avenues of finding the best ways to effect change.

Below is a listing of the individuals who have engaged with a core group of the team's players and the organization. The overriding theme of these discussions was to listen learn and be heard, with the goal of finding ways to reform, unify police and community, restore hope and dignity, address systemic racism and make a bigger impact.

Judges (8)

Judge Stephanie Mitchell (Dallas)

Judge Dominique Collins (Dallas)

Judge Hector Garza (Dallas)

Judge Julia Hayes (Dallas)

Judge Lisa Green (Dallas

Judge Angela King (Dallas)

Laura Montes (Dallas-for Judge Dan Patterson)

Judge Corinne Mason (Collin County)

Police Chiefs (7)

Chief David Brown (Former Dallas)

Chief Steve Dye (Former Grand Prairie)

Chief Renee Hall (Dallas)

Chief Brian Harvey (Allen)

Chief Mitch Bates (Garland)

Chief Derick Miller (Carrollton)

Chief John Bruce (Frisco)

County/City Attorney (3)

Larry Casto, Dallas City Attorney

Chris Caso, Dallas City Attorney

John Creuzot, Dallas County Criminal District Attorney

Organizations and Community Leaders

Grand Prairie Police Department

Grand Prairie Police Youth Boxing Program

Salvation Army

Unlocking Doors – Christina Melton Crain

Stand Together

Jeff Taylor – Contract lobbyist for the poor and former chair of the Salvation Army's Advisory Board (Arizona)

Café Momentum