Director's Chair: Holiday Cheers


This week, the Cheerleaders have weathered the storm, literally, and worked resolutely on their annual Holiday Cheers Halftime Extravaganza. Stadium rehearsals have included a magical mix of 150 characters preparing to celebrate the glory of Christmas.

Immediately following this weekend's game between the Cowboys and the Packers, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Show Group will board a plane and depart on the organization's 77th overseas tour. Between now and Christmas Day the DCC, and for the first time ever Rowdy, will visit 14 different camps, bases and outposts throughout South Korea. They will be visiting servicemen and women in the field and also conducting cheer, dance and fitness clinics in the Department of Defense school system.

Overseas tours allow our Cheerleaders to experience firsthand the joy of spreading true "Holiday Cheer" by visiting and entertaining troops and their families serving our country so far from home.

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