Eatman: Can You Get Snubbed With 7-7 Record?


Let's get this out of the way first:

I think Dak Prescott is having a great season. I think Dak Prescott is definitely the quarterback of the future for this franchise and I think in other seasons, he would be an easy pick to make the Pro Bowl.

And, if he ends up going anyway, it will be deserved.

However, he wasn't snubbed by being excluded as one of the three selections for the NFC roster on Wednesday.

I've seen a lot of national media even making the case that Dak was the biggest snub, but I'm not buying it. When people say, "look at the stats," it sounds like the voters used a different stat this year:


Winning matters, especially at the quarterback position, and especially this year.

We all know this a popularity contest and it always has been. Once you get in once, and continue to play well – even if it's not the best – you can stay in there. Just ask the Cowboys' offensive line this year. I don't think anyone believes that Zack Martin, Travis Frederick and Tyron Smith have been at their best all year, but they're going back to the Pro Bowl. And no one seems to be bothered by that, nor should they be.

But along the same lines, you can't expect Dak to just leapfrog three MVP candidates that not only are headed to the Hall of Fame, but have their teams over 10 wins right now.

I'm sorry, but Dak's 7-7 record as a starter just doesn't hold that much weight when you're trying to leapfrog Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees and Russell Wilson.

And yeah, Wilson is an easy pick. No one is debating that because he's right there with Lamar Jackson for MVP votes this year.

Now, Rodgers might be having a down year to his standards, but he's got his team to 11-3 this year. He's thrown 24 picks to two interceptions. I don't know how you can't not vote him in there.

As for Brees, yeah he's only played nine games. Well, he's won six and he's got 21 touchdowns. Dak has seven wins and 26 touchdowns in 14 games.

Honestly, I think both Kirk Cousins and Jimmy Garappolo have just as much of a case as "snubs" than Prescott.

If you want come back and talk about passing yards, don't forget that Jameis Winston is actually leading the NFL with 4,573. I don't think he's considered a "snub" this year. And I'm not going to say that all of Dak's yards are hollow, because that's not the case at all.

But we did see a game in Chicago here recently where Prescott had 334 yards with a touchdown and nobody would've called that a good performance. Actually, a lot of those stats came late in the game when the outcome was already decided.

That was just one example that stats don't always tell the story.

Yes, Dak has put up some very impressive numbers and you can see how much he's grown as a passer. But I don't think he should've overtaken Brees, Rodgers and Russ with a .500 record.

Now, he certainly could've changed the whole narrative to this. The heart of the Pro Bowl voting took place in the last month. What a terrible time for the Cowboys to lose three straight games, dropping from 6-4 to 6-7. To make matters worse, all of those three losses were national games as the country saw the offense sputter in the rain against New England and fail to score a touchdown, followed by unimpressive games against the Bills and Bears.

As great as the Cowboys played Sunday against the Rams, it still wasn't one of Dak's best games – although I do believe this right index finger injury is causing a few problems.

Either way, the Cowboys could've helped the Pro Bowl status for a few players, including Amari Cooper and perhaps a defensive player or two. Truth be told, La'el Collins might've had the best season of any of the linemen, but once again, it's hard to get in the dance if you've never been before.

But because every year gives us plenty of alternates that wind up playing, the Cowboys might end up getting a few more in the game. Maybe Dak will have the last laugh and end up making his third Pro Bowl appearance after all.

Then again, if Dak truly has the "last laugh," none of his teammates will be playing in the game at all.