Far From Satisfied

Sunday night, tossing and turning about the run defense giving up too many yards in Tampa. James told the media that Ken Hamlin expressed to him similar feelings. Those are two of your defensive leaders - far from satisfied about the way the Cowboys played defensively.

"We know we can play better than that and we will," James said. "It's good that we got the win, but you can't play like that every week and expect to win. We've got to fix some things."

Not to sound like Bill, but it wasn't too long ago when 13-point road victories would call for a downtown parade. Now, you've got one of your defensive captains losing sleep.

That's a good thing. Well, maybe not the part about your leading tackler staring at the alarm clock all night, but you can see the sense of urgency in the locker room that beating the Bucs by 13 points simply isn't good enough.

Again, it's that fine line. Because last week, how the Cowboys played was plenty good enough. In fact, we all know it should've been worse than 13 points.

But we all assume the competition will be tougher as the schedule moves on. There's a good chance that stiff competition starts Sunday with the Giants.

So based on perceptions, and the recent history of NFC East games always being close and down to the wire, one would guess the Cowboys will need to step it up a little bit come Sunday.

The best part is they don't need to be told. That's half the battle right there.

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