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Further Review: Cowboys Prove Potential In LA


Gameday is always a whirlwind when it comes to the Dallas Cowboys. What we think will happen is rarely what actually happens. What actually happens goes by in a blur. And when all is said and done, there's a new week's worth of aftermath to sort out, good or bad. The DallasCowboys.com staff is always there to cover every aspect.

Every Monday this season Under Review will give a chance to catch your breath and look back at what actually happened. What did we think going in? What happened? And what does it all mean ?

The Warm Up:

  • Everson Walls said before the game that he wasn't going "to leave anything up to kickers" in the Cowboys' matchup with the Chargers. It's hard to blame him for being off on that one, but what did Mickey Spagnola think? [Look back at Mick Shots previewing the game]
  • NFL analyst Bucky Brooks said the Cowboys could get pressure without their starting defensive ends. "If the Cowboys can manufacture a pass rush without giving up big plays down the field, the aggressive tactics could disrupt Justin Herbert's rhythm," Brooks wrote [Read all of Bucky's Keys To Victory]
  • Stephen Jones told Nick Eatman before the game that he felt "really good" about the offensive line performing without La'el Collins. Did they exceed your expectations? [Watch all of what Jones had to say coming into the game on Special Edition]
  • Rob Phillips wasn't surprised by what happened Sunday. He picked the Cowboys to win. "The Chargers have momentum," Phillips wrote. "But the Cowboys have Dak, and Zack Martin is back, and this offense has some favorable matchups despite the obvious challenge of blocking Joey Bosa without La'el Collins in the lineup." [Read all of the Gut Feeling picks from the staff writers]

Game Time:

What now?

  • Did you miss the game? Don't let your friend try to paraphrase it for you. Kurt Daniels was taking notes. "The Dallas defense allowed 408 yards of offense, but the Chargers reached the end zone on only one of four trips into the red zone," Daniels wrote [Read all of Daniels' Game Recap]
  • A lot happened later, but Nick Eatman doesn't want you to forget about Trevon Diggs' first quarter interception. "Not only was it an amazing diving catch, but it stopped what appeared to be a big drive out of the gate by the Chargers," Eatman writes [Read Eatman on the 5 crucial plays you might have forgotten]
  • Monday morning analysis is a little bit more fun after a dramatic win against a good team. Isaiah Stanback, Hek'ma Harrison, Rob Phillips, and Kyle Youmans talk about the way Dallas' first-round pick made life difficult for the Chargers [Watch Talkin' Cowboys talk about the Micah Effect]
  • Going toe-to-toe with a potential Super Bowl contender? David Helman says the Cowboys have been looking for this type of win for a long time. "The phrase "complementary football" tends to get thrown around too much these days, but these are the types of assists the Cowboys have been missing in recent seasons," Helman wrote [Read Helman on what Dak and the Cowboys proved Sunday]

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