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Gallup Won't Say It, But McCarthy Says He's "No. 1"


FRISCO, Texas – For the most part, when a head coach gets a question he's not too fond of, he'll find a way to either sidestep the answer or find a way to be diplomatic with his approach.

Mike McCarthy is no exception, but he did take some exception to a question on Tuesday regarding Michael Gallup being the Cowboys' No. 2 receiver.

"Let's make it clear. Michael Gallup's a No. 1 receiver in my view. I think we're very fortunate to have three players with that level of potential to go out and play at that level," McCarthy said of Gallup, along with Amari Cooper and CeeDee Lamb. "I've been so impressed not only with what Michael's done on film last year. He was definitely one of the players that really jumped off the video during the offseason study. Because I didn't know a whole lot about Michael until last year. He's primed to take that next step."

The scary part of that sentence is just where the next step actually takes Gallup, considering he went over 1,000 yards last season.

But Gallup seems up for the challenge. And he's also happy to hear those words from his new coach … even if it's not something he would say himself.
"You definitely want to think of yourself as a No. 1 receiver," Gallup said Tuesday in a conference call with the media. "I'll never tell myself or anyone else that I'm the No. 1. But, always Practice like you are and you play like you are. I appreciate it from coach but I would never say that about myself."

And that's a big deal considering Gallup might be viewed as the third-best receiver on the team after Cooper and Lamb. When asked to share his thoughts on the draft pick, Gallup said he started having big aspirations about 2020.

"When we drafted him, I'm already thinking, Amari went over 1,000 yards. I went over 1,000 yards.  And then you pick up one of the best wide receivers coming out. This is a three-headed monster. CeeDee is smart, quick, he's ready to learn. He's a funny guy. It's a good person to have in the locker room. It's a great pick."

McCarthy said sharing the ball will be vital in this offense. And while they might not all get to 1,000 yards as Cooper said two weeks ago was a goal of the receivers, it doesn't mean they won't be effective as a trio working together.

"The reality of it is everyone wants to live by numbers. But it really comes down to opportunities," McCarthy said. "Those three guys, we have the chance to do some really big things. And really the overall receiver group. We've got a bunch of young guys that are stepping up each and every day. It's a group that has competition, but I think we're very fortunate to have three players of that caliber."

And McCarthy is clear that Gallup is right there with the rest of them.

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