Less Is More?

the punt returner in spot duty as well. Man, could that help.

Say what you want about Pacman off the field or Pacman as a cornerback, but he was nowhere near the punt returner the Cowboys thought they were getting.

Anything should be an upgrade there, because I would imagine in all of Joe DeCamillis' ways of coaching, he'll teach his punt returners to run FORWARD! Anyways, more opportunities for Felix Jones to run in space are always a good thing.

The addition of David Beuhler and his right leg should help. Not only is he going to provide some better field position because of his booming kickoffs, but he showed off his leg on field goals during Sunday morning's special teams practice. The rookie from USC hit a 60-yard field goal and was attempting kicks from 65 yards out with a running start.

Then again, Nick Folk drilled a 58-yard field goal. It's unlikely you're going to be kicking from that far back unless you're at the end of the half. But let's not forget that Folk was 20-of-22 last season and is 46-of-53 in two years. It's going to be hard for Beuhler or anyone to unseat Folk. But at least there's a little competition there, although both players should make this team.

All around, special teams is where you're going to find the overall improvement. As we all know by now, special teams can win and lose games. In fact, improved special teams play could easily offset any deficiencies that haven't been shored up on offense or defense.

So when looking at this team, I remain cautious in saying "They're going to be better." There's no way any of us who weren't in those huddles or team meetings last year can say that the "less is more" approach is better.

How do we know that? All we can go by is the talent, and so far they've lost some of that from last year. What did they gain in the process? Only time will tell.

But that doesn't mean they can't have a better record.

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