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Mailbag: Biggest X-Factor vs. Tampa Bay?


What do guys think is the biggest key or matchup if the Cowboys are to beat Tampa this time around? Seems like the offensive line is the spot to watch for both teams given lack of experience, injuries there, etc. — MIKE S. / DALLAS, TX

Nick: Yeah, I'd say the middle of the line for both teams is the right answer here. But if we pick something else, give me the Cowboys safety play. We know Tom Brady likes to work the middle of the field and it'll be important for guys like Malik Hooker and Jayron Kearse, along with Donovan Wilson to be at their best, covering slot receivers and tight ends. I feel pretty good about the corners against the Tampa Bay receivers, but how the safeties come up in run support and handle the back end of the defense is going to be huge.

Rob: Yeah, I think you're right on as far as the offensive lines. The Bucs have some shifting personnel at left guard and center. If we're talking about a single matchup besides up front, I'll say CeeDee Lamb against Carlton Davis and the Bucs cornerbacks. By winning his matchups, he has an opportunity to set a tone not only for Sunday, but for the season, that he's going to require extra attention — and that can only help Dak Prescott spread the ball around to other receivers who don't have Lamb's level of experience.

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