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Mailbag: Bo's Battle; Dorance Armstrong's Camp

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How does Dorance Armstrong look in camp compared to how Taco Charlton looked at this point last year in camp?

Bryan: Armstrong is a more accomplished pass rusher. He understands what it takes to get to the quarterback on a consistent basis. More to work with in the tool belt than what Charlton had. I will say that Charlton is getting better at developing some moves.

Rob: Armstrong has had a better camp than Charlton did last year. In fact, Armstrong has been one of the most consistent players on defense, period. Last year Taco seemed to be finding his way in terms of adding pass rush moves to his arsenal and maintaining balance to finish rushes. He has definitely improved.

There has been a lot of love for Bo Scarbrough in camp and after the first preseason game. But I thought Darius Jackson had some nice runs too during the game. What have you seen so far between the two to give Bo the edge?

Bryan: I think the competition is even right now. I wouldn't give one the advantage over the other but to them that might not be the case. Scarbrough has been getting more snaps and special teams opportunities so that might be the difference. Just how they feel about the player.

Rob: That's a good point and we've seen Jackson do some things in practice, too. The best player will make the team, I do believe that, but Scarbrough was a draft pick and that status usually gives a player every opportunity to earn a spot. He didn't play many special teams at Alabama, but you saw the Cowboys putting him on several different units against the 49ers. What surprised me in the game was how fluid he was bouncing runs outside. Didn't look like just a downhill rusher.

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