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Mailbag: Bye Week Plan & Dak's Heat Check


What exactly is the schedule for the players during the bye week? Is it different for those with injuries? - DAVID NYSTROM / LOUDON, TN

Bryan: Club will practice Wednesday and Thursday this week with a large number of players receiving those days off. Practices will be short and on the grass. They will also work in helmets and jerseys with the majority of the backups receiving the work.

Rob: Shorter practices, and with no opponent, I'd imagine it's typically more self-scouting than other weeks. It's absolutely a chance for players to get off their feet if they're dealing with anything injury wise. I doubt there's a team in the league who needs this bye more.

The Cowboys bounced back fantastically after three straight losses and Dak played a great game too. In saying that, he did throw another interception and yet while not as costly to the score as his other recent picks, what do you think Dak and the coaching staff need to look at and work on to lessen the chance of them continuing? - DAVID PARKES / WHANGAREI, NEW ZEALAND

Bryan: Prescott got greedy on that play. There was no reason to make that throw, especially in the direction of Tavon Austin. Coaching point there is not to throw 50/50 balls to a guy that doesn't have the strength to come down with that type of throw or defend it if short. Lesson learned.

Rob: Dak called it a "heat check" after the game and acknowledged he should've checked it down to a tight end. The score was 30-10 and he got greedy trying to force the ball to Austin. Not unlike the interception he had in the first half against Miami in Week 3. It does need to be pointed out he had six incompletions in the entire game against Philly. Really efficient overall.

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