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Mailbag: Career Year For Gallup? Faster Starts?


Could this be the best year yet for Michael Gallup? I know he's considered to be the No. 2 receiver on the team. Cooper is the No. 1 and the Pro Bowl player, CeeDee Lamb considered the No. 3 and most exciting receiver on the team. But Gallup seems to get the least attention. — STEPHEN GRAYSON / GREENVILLE, MS

Rob: Career year in terms of stats? Maybe, maybe not, just because there's so much talent on offense. But I would anticipate we'll see the best version of Michael Gallup as an NFL wide receiver. This is Year 4 in more or less the same offense, with the same starting quarterback. That continuity is big. There's sort of a Brooklyn Nets quality to the receiver group here. KD, Kyrie and Harden take touches away from each other, but they all benefit from each other's presence on the court. Same thing with Gallup, Lamb and Amari. It's a gamble to double any of the three starters.

David: There's no doubt about it, Michael Gallup is the most overshadowed player on this team. I guess that's to be expected on an offense that features so many Pro Bowlers and household names, but it is a shame that Mike doesn't get more credit. That should work to his advantage, though. With so many other threats to account for, not many defenses can afford to key in on Gallup. That's what makes this offense so exciting, and that's what's going to give Gallup a great chance to set himself up for a big pay day in 2022.

Is it just me, or have the Cowboys come out a little flat in several games on offense over the past couple of seasons? Am I just imagining this problem, or do you feel this is an area the Cowboys might look to for improvement? — BRENT BILES / AMARILLO, TX

Rob: No, there's some truth to that. The Cowboys were outscored 121-77 in the first quarter last season. The second quarter was substantially more productive on offense (outscored 153-130). The offense showed they could pile up yards and points before Dak Prescott's ankle injury in Week 5. Besides injuries, it was mostly turnovers holding them back: 11 in the first five games that led to 60 points by opponents.

David: I don't think you're imagining it. Going back several years, it seems like there are multiple instances where it takes the team a quarter or more to get rolling. I honestly don't have a great answer for how to fix it. Hopefully coming off such an abysmal season last year will keep anyone from getting complacent or entering games without an edge. Finding motivation to start fast shouldn't be hard for a group with so much to prove.

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