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Mailbag: Concerns After Two Straight Losses?


All of the positive feelings from the 3-0 start have vanished over two bad losses to playoff-caliber opponents. This seemed to be the team's MO during the stretch of 8-8 seasons from 2011-13. Is history repeating itself? Or, are the Cowboys better than their last two performances have shown? - ELIZABETH WHITTEN / ENNIS, TX

Bryan: I feel like they're better, but we'll know here very soon. With the upcoming schedule you'll either be in the mix or we'll be talking about a bunch of changes in the offseason.

Rob: Turnovers were common theme in both defeats. Clean those up and they very well could have won both games. The run defense against Green Bay was surprising, but then again, they've had trouble there in games they've lost dating back to last December. They've got to find solutions there. But this is a more talented team than those 8-8 years. I'd argue this is a more talented team than last year's group that made the second round. I believe they'll rebound.

Although we had a lot of opportunities to correct from last Sunday's game, I thought Brandon Knight came in and did a great job at right tackle considering this was the first time he was activated. Hoping we get our guys back for next week, but any chance Brandon gets moved up the depth chart over Cam Fleming? - JEFF NEISTEIN / WOODLAND HILLS, CA

Bryan: Fleming is their swing tackle at this point, and that won't change due to one good outing by Knight. They like him a lot, but the fit at right tackle is better than him playing on that left side.

Rob: I'd imagine they would stick with Fleming based on experience, but they were very pleased with Knight's 28 snaps that primarily were in pass protection with the offense playing catch-up. Remember, not only was Knight injured for part of preseason, he moved from tackle to guard in the middle of camp.

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