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Mailbag: Dak Against Winning Competition?


An oversimplified saying I heard is that a TE needs to either block better than a WR, or use his size to get open in ways a WR can't. I keep reading that blocking isn't a strength for Blake Jarwin. Is size his contribution to the offensive gameplan? — ARFEO YLLNA / HOUSTON, TX

Rob: It's his ability to separate and run-after-catch from the tight end position. You're right, Jarwin isn't known as a blocker first. But he can be a matchup problem for defenses. He's averaging almost 12 yards a catch for his career. A lot of fans are wondering who the fourth receiver will be this year, but we should focus more on the tight end. Jarwin is likely to be a featured guy in addition to Amari, Gallup and CeeDee Lamb.

Jonny: Well, if you put that way, I can see how Jarwin doesn't exactly move your excitement needle. But the good news is that there could very well be a lot we don't know about his potential. We have never seen him get anywhere near the opportunities that he's projected to get this year. It's no secret that Travis Kelce is the current prototype for the tight end every NFL team wants as a weapon. Jarwin is the same height (6'5) and in the same weight class. The Cowboys clearly want Dak to have a big tight end who can go get the ball when his quarterback needs to get rid of it.

Why pay Dak that kind of money when his record against better teams is so-so? — ROBERT MATTE / MYRTLE BEACH, SC

Rob: Exactly what kind of money? It's hard to answer that question because we don't know what the final numbers will look like whenever a new deal eventually gets done. All we know for sure is that he's headed for a big raise, and guess what? He has earned one. Did the Cowboys have success against winning teams last year? No. Have they in the last four years with Dak? Yes. I feel like we've reached a point where any talk about him becomes a rehash of "Is Romo elite?" from 12 years ago. Fans should look at the whole body of work here. He's only 26 years old, and the amount of experience he's gotten in years 1-4 should make him a much better player in years 5-8 and beyond. That's what the Cowboys will be paying for.

Jonny: If you think beating good teams is hard with Dak Prescott, you should see what it's like trying to do it without him. Dak's career record is better than the vast majority of quarterbacks at this point of their careers. And you're right, of his losses, many of them are to good teams, which sounds to me like a reasonable conclusion one of could have assumed to be true without even looking it up. It would certainly be convenient if he beat all the bad teams and all the good teams, but you may just have to settle for him giving the Cowboys a chance at beating any given team.

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