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Mailbag: Does Gregory Suspension Impact Draft?


How much does the Gregory suspension alter Dallas' plans approaching free agency and the draft? I know you shouldn't get someone for the sake of it, but we can't ignore what the D-Line would look like should something happen to DeMarcus Lawrence too. - MORICE WELLINGTON III / VIRGINIA BEACH, VA

Bryan: If you didn't think they needed defensive line help even before this Gregory situation, I am not sure you're really watching this team? Depth was a problem but they were able to mask it this entire season. Talking with Rod Marinelli here recently, that was his No. 1 one concern going into the offseason - how could he add bodies to both spots - and that was with Gregory in the lineup.

Rob: Marinelli wants that deep rotation on his line. I do think Gregory's indefinite suspension – even though we don't know exactly what 'indefinite' means at this point – should create more urgency to add edge rush help around Lawrence. Gregory's six sacks were the second most on the team and he emerged as the next best rusher on the team.

I liked the Mike White pick a lot in last year's draft. Where do you think he would be in this year's class of QBs? - RICHARD HOLSTEAD / NACOGDOCHES, TX

Bryan: I had a third-round grade on White last season. From what I've seen so far this year, that would put him in that area as well. Could see this being a big offseason for him growth wise. Was a little disappointing last preseason. Thought we would have seen more.

Rob: Thought White looked better as preseason went on, though. Obviously we didn't get any looks at him in the regular season and playoffs. As relates to this year's QB class, I wouldn't imagine he'd be too far down the list. At this point it doesn't look like one of the stronger classes in recent years.

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