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Mailbag: Facing Bridgewater vs. Drew Brees?


Before his 2016 knee injury, what kinds of things did Saints quarterback Teddy Bridgewater do well and is he capable of doing that kind of stuff now? - BILL CONWAY / PALM SPRINGS, CA

Bryan: Mobility is a strength of his. The ability to move around in the pocket and make throws. Have to get him on the ground when around him. If he escapes he can be a problem.

Rob: Bryan's right, the mobility factor is still more prominent with Bridgewater than Brees. Bridgewater made a lot of short and underneath throws last Sunday, though that might've had something to do with the way Seattle plays defense. He's an experienced player and I expect him to be more comfortable now that he's got a full start under his belt this season.

Luke Gifford played about half a preseason game, yet he got a spot on the roster. This means clearly they see something special in him. I wanted to hear from you what's special about him and how do you see him fitting in over the rest of the reason and long term? - ALBINSON FELIX / POMPANO BEACH, FL

Bryan: Saw this in OTAs. Instinctive with a nose for the ball. Can finish when he gets in position. Can be used as a rusher and will finish. When you drop him into coverage, he's capable of staying with his man and knocking the ball away. Has a lot of tools for a linebacker.

Rob: They like the rookie's instincts at the linebacker position. He always seemed to be around the ball in practice and the preseason opener you mentioned before hurting his ankle. He also was showing up on special teams. Now he's healthy and back to practice this week.

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