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Mailbag: Finding Touches For Tony Pollard?


I know there are only so many touches a player can get on an offense as loaded as the Boys, but I feel like everyone is forgetting about Tony Pollard. That dude needs the ball in his hands more often!! — EARL DIGGER / PORTSMOUTH, VA

Rob: Point taken, because the Cowboys do feel Pollard has only scratched the surface of his potential. However, you sort of answered your own question. There really are only so many touches to go around. Zeke makes this offense go and he's the starter, period. If he or any of the top three receivers aren't getting touches, I promise you we'll be doing a Mailbag entry on that. It's a good problem to have.

David: It's not easy to find touches for everyone, but this is what your coaches get paid for. Ezekiel Elliott has averaged roughly 20 carries per game for most of his career. Dak Prescott has thrown an average of 79 completions to non-starters over the last four seasons. It shouldn't be too difficult to take those numbers and find a way to get Pollard 6-10 touches per game. He's more than deserving.

Is part of the holdup on Dak's new deal, due to the uncertainty of the league revenue this year? I had read that the salary cap may go down next year if sports don't have full capacity. Is this true? JAY GUY / DAVIDSON, NC

Rob: Not that I'm aware of. The Cowboys would like to get a deal done before July 15. For whatever reason - length, guarantees - it hasn't happened yet. But we've seen with the Zeke and Tank Lawrence contracts that it doesn't take long to finalize a deal once you get some momentum, and we've got over six weeks until mid-July. Regarding your question about the cap, obviously the pandemic has created uncertainty throughout the sports world. There have been reports that the league could look at having a flat cap in the future to protect against a major drop. But honestly it's all just speculation at this point.

David: I definitely think that's an interesting point. COVID-19 could contribute to a much more different cap fluctuation than what we've gotten used to. But I don't think it's so significant that it would stop Dak from getting a contract. The NFL is going to make money, regardless. And while that might be something the Cowboys are weighing for the future, I don't think it would stop them from getting a deal done.

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