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Mailbag: Hill's Ceiling? Another Safety Option?


What is the ceiling for Trysten Hill if he fully develops his technique to match his talent at three-technique? - LANDON CABELL

Bryan: There were a couple of disruptive under tackles in this draft and Hill was in that mix. I think he has a very high ceiling when it comes to his ability. Defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli has a plan and vision what he can potentially be as a player, so that gives him a leg up on how to get the best out of him. There is just too many quality traits not to believe he going to have a successful career with the right coaching.

Rob: Second-round picks are meant to develop into productive starters. That's the expectation for Hill. His agility for his size excites the coaching staff, but I think Hill's effort on tape is what Marinelli loves most. If the motor can match the talent level, that's when a player can become really, really good.

There's a lot of talk (recently "The Break") about Jordan Lewis and how he's too good to be benched all the time. I wonder if he could be utilized as a free safety. I like him as a tackler and I feel like he sees the field really well. He clearly has ball skills. I'm not sure if Xavier Woods works out for us as a box safety, but I like the idea of that combination and it would fit the theory of getting the best guys on the field (in my opinion). Is this a possibility in your minds or is he just wrong for safety? - BEN BROWN / BRYAN, OH

Bryan: I have never asked about the possibility of Lewis playing safety so its worth a shot. I know they moved Byron Jones to corner to get Woods on the field and that worked out well. Maybe Lewis does have a chance, so I'll find out and report back

Rob: Interesting thought. Although the Cowboys prefer both spots to be somewhat interchangeable, they like Woods' development at free safety. And Lewis wouldn't fit the box safety role from a frame standpoint. I do think he's very talented, and the fact that he played so little on defense last season is a testament to how well Anthony Brown played as the third corner.

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