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Mailbag: How Is Dak's Recovery Going?


How is Dak doing after his ankle surgery? It would be great if we could hear from him about his rehabilitation from time to time. - LESLEY IVY / TAOS, NM

Rob: The media hasn't visited with Dak yet since his surgery, but Cowboys chief operating officer Stephen Jones said last week that he's ahead of schedule with no setbacks. With a 4-6 month timetable, you're probably looking at April or May for Dak's return to on-field activities next offseason. But you know he'll be motivated to challenge that timetable.

David:I wish I could say. One of the many lame things about this pandemic is that it completely cuts off our access to the guys. In a normal year, we'd probably bump into Dak in the locker room or the cafeteria, and we'd be able to get an update on how he's doing. Thanks to COVID, it doesn't currently work that way. But everything we've heard from the front office is that he's recovering as expected.

I just wanted your opinions on the coaching staff's use of the 2020 rookies. I am really confused about a couple of players, mostly Reggie Robinson, Bradlee Anae and Ben DiNucci. Why throw DiNucci into the fire and not even take a look at the other guys who were drafted higher? - ERIC MOBERG / BREWSTER, MA

Rob: DiNucci's start against Philly was the result of unique circumstances. He was the only healthy quarterback on the roster who had spent time in the offense for more than two weeks. The way Garrett Gilbert played against the Steelers, maybe he could've been just as effective against the Eagles on short notice. But the coaching staff rolled with DiNucci and obviously it didn't work out. Anae and Robinson? I'm a little surprised we haven't seen Robinson, at least on special teams, yet. He really excelled there in college. I'm more surprised we haven't seen Anae at all on defense since Everson Griffen went to Detroit. But hey, there are seven games left.

David:To be fair, it's not as if they chose to start DiNucci. Both of the guys above him on the depth chart got hurt, and Garrett Gilbert had only been in the building for a week. I agree with you, I hope we see more of Reggie Robinson and Bradlee Anae in the second half of the season. But it's not Ben DiNucci's fault that the quarterback position has dealt with a rash of injuries.

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