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Mailbag: Kellen Moore Coaching Rumors?


I hear rumors about Kellen Moore and the head coaching job at TCU. This sounds like Sean Payton all over again. What can Dallas do to ensure that his first head coaching job is coaching the Dallas Cowboys. — JAMES CZUPIL / MECHANICSBURG, PA

David: Let's make one thing clear: if Kellen Moore leaves the Cowboys, it's not going to be for TCU. He's one of the most notable coaching candidates in the league, and he's going to have the opportunity to interview for NFL coaching opportunities – not to mention, better college jobs than TCU. As far as how the Cowboys can keep that from happening, remember that there's no salary cap on coaches. Jerry Jones can do a lot to incentivize Kellen to stay put.

Rob: Yeah, I would imagine Kellen Moore will have plenty more interest from other teams, college and pro, if he's patient. And by choosing to return to the Cowboys last year, it says a couple things: he is in fact willing to be patient (he's only 33!) and he knows he has a good thing going here.

What is the team's real comfort level at kicking and should they consider bringing in other kickers to evaluate someone that can bring more consistency? — STEPHEN ROUSSET / ROUND ROCK

David: I would say their comfort level probably isn't great – but I think the same can be said for about 28 of the 32 teams in the league. This year more than others, it feels like there just aren't a ton of completely reliable kickers, outside of Justin Tucker and maybe Younghoe Koo. By no means am I saying Greg Zuerlein has been fantastic, but I don't think he has struggled enough that they need to look for a new kicker. At least, not yet.

Rob: No, I don't think they need to look for kicking competition. We had this discussion about Brett Maher a couple years ago, and that proved true, but Zuerlein has a decade in the league and has bounced back before. That, plus special teams coordinator John Fassel's a long track record with Zuerlein, is why I don't see a lack of comfort by the team at this point in the season.

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