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Mailbag: Looking Ahead To 2020 Free Agency?


The Cowboys have signed a number of one-year contracts so far this year in free agency. With that and the number of players becoming free agents next year, what will that mean for replenishing the roster after this year? Looks like they will need to do a lot of free agent signing next year to fill the roster. - THOMAS MCBRIDE / EL PASO, TX

Bryan: They know what they have to do with their big contracts: Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott and Byron Jones. The one-year deals with the others are just part of the game. Hopefully you get a guy like Cameron Fleming where you can extend them a year or two but the roster turnover will always be a part of the plan in this day and age.

Rob: Yes, looks like they'll have more decisions to make this time next year. This offseason they began with 16 free agents (unrestricted or exclusive rights). Next offseason, as things stand now, they'll have 34 free agents (unrestricted, restricted or exclusive rights). However, three are exclusive rights free agents to be (Antwaun Woods, Brett Maher, Adam Redmond), six are restricted free agents to be (Jaylon Smith, Randy Gregory, Blake Jarwin, Rico Gathers, Cooper Rush and Daniel Ross) and they obviously want to keep four more unrestricted free agents to be (DeMarcus Lawrence, Dak Prescott, Amari Cooper, Byron Jones) long term.


Could you see a scenario where the Cowboys would use Jaylon Smith as an edge rusher on passing downs? He had some success in that role at Notre Dame and it would give them a chance to get all three of their linebackers on the field at the same time. - LEO MORALES / EL PASO, TX

Bryan: They're already using Smith as a rusher, so putting his hand down would not be a problem. I believe he's a better pass rusher than cover guy, so more of those opportunities would be welcomed.

Rob: Gotta love our readers. Always looking for creative ways to fill needs. I don't see Smith being a pure hand-on-the-ground edge rusher a lot because we haven't really seen him do that. But he's probably the Cowboys' best rushing linebacker and that's why they've sent him on some successful blitzes the last two seasons.

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