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Mailbag: Offense Improvements? Wildest Plays?


The Cowboys have added Amari Cooper and seemed to have cleaned up the penalties for the most part. However, the offense still needs some work. What is one area that they could clean up that would give them the biggest gains? - GABRIEL CERDA / EDINBURG, TX

Rob:No question the offense has been more efficient the last several weeks. I wrote about the red zone earlier this week in my '3 & Out' column. As rewarding as it was to beat the Saints, the offense wasn't satisfied with their production (13 points). Right now they rank 31st in scoring touchdowns on goal-to-go situations. Cashing in on drives is probably their biggest area for improvement, along with reducing the sack totals against Dak Prescott.

Bryan: Red zone offense has been horrible and even worse inside the 5-yard line. You can't keep kicking field goals when you have chances to put opponents away. If they don't clean that up quickly, they're not going far.


Derrick Henry's 99-yard TD for the Titans last night got me thinking. What's the craziest/most unlikely play you've seen with the Cowboys? Tony Dorsett's 99-yard TD in 1983 has to be up there for me as a fan. - MIKE S / PLANO, TX

Rob: Me too, though I didn't see it in person. Since we're on the subject of long TD runs, how about two: back-to-back TDs by the Ravens (77 yards from Willis McGahee, 82 yards by Le'Ron McClain) in the final game at the old Texas Stadium in 2008? Ten years later, I still can't believe that cost the Cowboys a sentimental victory.

Bryan: Tony Romo's pass to Dez Bryant against the Houston Texans in 2014 where Bryant caught the ball off the defender's helmet in overtime to set up the game-winning field goal. To this day I have no idea how Bryant caught that ball?

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