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Mailbag: Pro Bowl Snubs? Sean Lee's Role?


I haven't seen the list of other players who made the Pro Bowl, but in your opinion were there other Cowboys players who got snubbed? I would've put Jaylon Smith in as well. - FRED ROBERTS / SALEM, OR

Bryan: Leighton Vander Esch deserved consideration. He's been outstanding for a defense that not many folks thought was very good. He's been a big reason why it has.

Rob: If you want an under-the-radar MVP of this team, it's Vander Esch for me. The linebacker play has been remarkably different compared to last year when Sean Lee wasn't in the lineup. Smith obviously shares credit there, too. Amari Cooper has been atop the league in receiving since joining Dallas, but I guess he didn't have a full body of work for some Pro Bowl voters.


I noticed Sean Lee didn't record a single tackle against the Colts. How many snaps did he play and do you see them using a rotation going forward? - JOHN TRIANTAFYLLOU / WESTFIELD, NJ

Bryan: Only played 7 snaps and going forward I absolutely expect him to play more. They're going to need him these next two weeks and into the playoffs.

Rob: The Cowboys wanted Lee on a pitch count (maybe 15 plays) against the Colts and maybe they stopped at seven snaps because the game got out of reach. As long as he's feeling good, I expect his role to increase in the linebacker rotation. Bryan is right – they need him.

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