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Mailbag: Progress Made By Trysten Hill?


Do you believe that with this coming offseason work and another training camp that Trysten Hill will be ready to start? - JIM WHATLEY / HENDERSON, TX

Rob: If not start, then be a consistent and viable part of the rotation. That should be the goal. With Antwaun Woods (sprained knee) out of the lineup the last two games, Hill got 22 combined snaps against the Bills and Bears and posted three tackles, including one for loss. Head coach Jason Garrett says he has seen growth and discipline in his game through experience. The Cowboys will have to make some decisions on the defensive line in the offseason. Maliek Collins, Christian Covington and Kerry Hyder – who have played snaps at tackle this season – are currently set to be unrestricted free agents in March, and we'll see what Tyrone Crawford's progress is from hip surgery.

Lindsay:I know that's probably the perfect scenario for this team, considering they drafted him in the second round and need more at defensive tackle. I've talked with Rod Marinelli in-depth about how difficult it is for defensive linemen to adjust to the NFL, but Hill got some experience in his rookie year and I know they are expecting a big jump by next August.

Why aren't seeing more designed runs for Dak? I understand they don't want to risk injury, but it seems this is a part of his skill set that isn't utilized enough. Thoughts? - BRANDON WILCOX / SPENCER, IA

Rob: Well, you're not seeing many runs from Zeke Elliott either when they're down multiple scores in the second half. But yeah, Prescott probably runs more often on scrambles than designed runs. Sometimes it's a read that goes to the back instead. I've said many times that his feet are a great asset, particularly in the red zone, and maybe that's something they could look at doing more often.

Lindsay:I agree when Dak runs, the magic can happen, and fans want to see more of that. But defenses have been taking away that option for Dak in their recent losses, and it's showing. Against the Bears, three rushes for one yard. Patriots? One rush for four yards. Vikings? Nothing at all. Good defenses are doing their job against this threat the Cowboys have.

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