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Mailbag: Red Zone Options? T-Will Discipline? 


Without seeing a lot in training camp yet, one could argue right now this offense at least has the ability to move the ball down the field. Do you currently see any WRs/TEs as being reliable red zone targets to efficiently scale yards/drive to actual touchdowns? - STEPHEN BROUSSARD / RICHARDSON, TX

Bryan: You're right, we haven't seen many red zone series during practice. I do like what I have seen from Blake Jarwin and his ability to get open. A tight end that can do that is a weapon.

David: I'm intrigued by what Allen Hurns might be able to do in that regard. Physically, he's not quite as imposing as Dez Bryant, but he's got good size and elusiveness. He's also shown how good his hands are out here. I have a feeling the Cowboys might be able to use him down in that part of the field.

What is the present status on the DUI/accident/arrest of Terrence Williams? Is he to be suspended? I have heard or seen nothing about it since it happened. - JAMES MOBLEY / PINE BEACH, NJ

Bryan: I believe that Williams is in the clear unless we get to the final cut and the league gives him the punishment then.

David: Jerry and Stephen Jones both said last week that they haven't heard anything from the league in regard to that issue. Until I hear something else, I'm going to assume Terrance is in the clear. Remember, Nolan Carroll didn't receive league discipline for a similar infraction last year.

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