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Mailbag: Should La'el Be A Bigger Priority?


With all of the injuries to Tyron Smith, is it really smart to allow La'el Collins hit free agency next year? With most of the starting line being 28 years old, except for Collins and Williams wouldn't it be smart to try to extend Collins now? Is he talented enough to play left tackle? Collins is only 25. What's your thought on the future of the offensive tackles? - JIMMY RICHARDSON / GLENDALE, AZ

Bryan:If something happens to Tyron Smith during the season, the first thing they will do is put Cam Fleming in his spot. Fleming made a couple of starts for Smith last season against the Saints and Eagles and played well. If something happens where Fleming is not good enough, then I think Connor Williams will be kicked to the outside. Collins is going to want too much money and they will not be able to afford him so trying to sign him now is pointless.

David:You have to remember: letting players go in free agency often is not about whether the team wants him – it comes down to money. The front office would have loved to have kept Ron Leary several years ago, but his $36 million contract offer from Denver made that impossible. I think it will be a similar situation for Collins. Look no further than the enormous deal Trent Brown signed in Oakland last year. Collins knows he has a big payday on the horizon, so I do not see why he would sign now.


What do you think about the overtime rule that the first touchdown wins. I personally think both sides should have have a possession each. What's your take on it? - ALVIN PONDR / ARDMORE, OK

Bryan:I sat through a seven-overtime game in college football last season and I want nothing with that again. If you're not good enough to keep your opponent out of the end zone in overtime, you don't deserve to win the game. I like the overtime rules the way they are now and I wouldn't change a thing.

David:I hate to sound like a grumpy old man, but I agree with Bryan here. Last time I checked, defense is still part of football. In the AFC Championship Game last January, the Chiefs let the Patriots march 75 yards and convert three third downs on the way to the game-winning touchdown. I understand that Pat Mahomes did not get a chance to touch the ball, but his defense had ample opportunity to change that.

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