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Mailbag: Surprise Players In Camp So Far?

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We seem to have a log jam of starting caliber players at defensive end. Does it make sense to potentially put Tyrone Crawford back in the interior and sort out between Armstrong, Gregory, Lawrence, Charlton, Irving, and Tapper?

Bryan: I have been asked this question a bunch. I just don't see them doing this unless things really get bad at tackle with the rotation. They really like what Crawford brings at that end spot when it comes to playing the run consistently and providing some pass rush.

Rob: It's a thought, because the tackle depth is thin right now, but I don't think that's the current plan. Maybe we see Crawford moving inside in certain packages, but he had a solid year at end for them last year.


Who in practices so far have surprised you so far with how they have played (good and bad)?

Bryan: I did not give Deonte Thompson enough credit as a receiver. I think he's been outstanding. I am surprised that Kony Ealy hasn't shown up better. These first few practices have not been as productive and has made me think here initially that he'll have trouble making the squad.

Rob: I thought Byron Jones could play corner, but I didn't think he'd be arguably the best defender in camp this early. Rookie quarterback Mike White has had flashes, but there have been times where it looks like he's processing things too much. Maybe things slow down as we go here.

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