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Mailbag: Taco's Time? Contract To-Do List?


With the upcoming Randy Gregory suspension, the need for Taco Charlton to have a career year has become even bigger. How do you guys feel about him going into Year 3? I know the draft strategy is best player available, but how much of a need has DE become opposite of DeMarcus Lawrence? - TYLER BAEM / SAN ANTONIO, TX

Bryan: It's a huge year for Taco Charlton but he knows what he has to do. He had a good plan coming into last season, and until he injured his shoulder he was executing it well. He has an excellent chance to be that starter at right defensive end now that he got that shoulder fixed.

Rob: A big need, in my opinion. Charlton could very well take a step forward next season but they still need to add another rusher in the event Gregory does miss games. Plus, even though Lawrence has the franchise tag, he does need shoulder surgery (at a time to be determined) that will probably require at least a couple months of rehab.


Is it possible for the Cowboys to reach agreement on extensions with Dak and Amari before reaching one with D-Law? If so, how would that affect the D-Law negotiations? - PAUL PETRI / SAN ANTONIO, TX

Bryan: Was told they have the money to get all three of those players done, but getting them to agree to the deals they will offer is the trick. I don't believe it affects Lawrence one way or another.

Rob: Because of the franchise tag deadline, the Cowboys were probably focused most on Lawrence during Combine week. But they've had early discussions with Prescott and Cooper's agents, too. They budget the cap for these types of potential contracts, so I would assume they're able to multi-task. However, I do think getting Lawrence's deal done remains a top priority.

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