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Mailbag: The Front-Runners At Wide Receiver?


If we are expecting Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup and Randall Cobb as our top three receivers, who do you view as the front-runners for the next two or three spots? - REUBEN JOHNSON / NASHVILLE, TN

Bryan: Allen Hurns and Noah Brown would be my other two. If they carry a sixth one my money would be on Jon'Vea Johnson with the others hopefully getting to the practice squad.

Rob: I typically give the edge to veterans this time of year. Question is, will they keep five receivers? Six? For argument's sake, let's say it's six. Right now I'll go with Allen Hurns, Tavon Austin and Jon'Vea Johnson for those last three spots.

Any chance they try rookie Chris Westry at safety full time? - DAVID SMI

Bryan: I believe they want to give Westry every opportunity to learn the corner position first. If he does get some looks at safety it will only be after he's mastered playing on the outside. Just another thought here: Just because you're tall doesn't make you a great safety. You have to be able to play with range, which means you have to be able to turn. If he struggles turning at corner, he's likely to struggle at safety.

Rob: Whenever you see a young player getting work at different position, it usually means they like his potential. As DBs coach Kris Richard said, Westry's "a ball of clay" with unique size at 6-foot-4. But, like receiver, there's a lot of competition in the secondary.

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