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Mailbag: Update On Looney? New Look OTAs?


Why do you think Joe Looney hasn't signed with anybody yet? He has been a very good backup, He did a good job when Frederick was out. He also can play guard. – PAUL ARMSTEAD / LAS VEGAS, NV

David: I think Joe might have found himself in a familiar situation for a lot of veterans. With the draft finally drawing near, I think most teams in the league are content to sit back and see who they draft before they worry about adding more veterans. I'm sure Joe will have opportunities before the season starts – possibly even here in Dallas. But right now, it might be a waiting game to see who still has a need when the draft dust settles.

Rob: Besides this being the later stage of free agency, there's a reason why there hasn't been much player movement the last couple weeks. Teams are likely planning to see what the draft holds first. Perhaps that's a factor with Joe and the Cowboys, but there's also always the financial side of things. We'll see.

How important do you think OTAs are for the Cowboys this offseason? Has this developed into a "union solidarity" thing, or can players still make up their own minds about participation, based on their individual situations? – LES HOFFMAN / PELL CITY, AL

David: Based on the fact that the Cowboys currently have a couple dozen guys working out at their facility, I think it's safe to say it's up to the individual. The Cowboys have always been fortunate to have great attendance in the offseason, and I think a big part of that is because most of them live here year-round. Personally, I think some of this is overblown. On-field work is always valuable, but teams and players always find a way to make it work. I'm much more concerned about what training camp will look like, more so than the OTA schedule.

Rob: I absolutely think there's value to the OTAs. You can't tell me that some in-person on-field work wouldn't have benefited the defense's installation process last year. Same thing this year. As far as teams staying away from facilities, so far it's not a unanimous league-wide decision. Close to 20 have stated that intention, but obviously that's not 100%. And unlike many other teams, we haven't seen any announcement through the NFLPA regarding Cowboys players planning to work out away from The Star.

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