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Mailbag: What if Best Player Available at 10 is WR? 


Do you think if Ja'Marr Chase falls to No. 10 that the Cowboys would draft him? — NICK SEPULVADO / DALLAS, TX

David: It's a heck of an interesting hypothetical, and it's why I always say "best available player at a position of need." I honestly can't imagine a scenario where the Cowboys would pull the trigger on a wide receiver. The only way it'd make sense is if they were able to immediately turn around and try to trade Michael Gallup for another asset – and I think that's pretty unlikely. They drafted CeeDee Lamb last spring, but let's not forget that they needed a slot receiver. Without an obvious need at the position, I think they'd go in another direction, even if Chase was their highest remaining grade.

Rob: I'll debate with Dave here a little bit. The Cowboys did need a slot receiver last year, but it was far from their top need. They (understandably) just couldn't pass up the sixth-rated prospect on their board with the 17th pick. I'd apply the same approach to this hypothetical. If Ja'Marr Chase was by far the best prospect available at 10 – by far – then maybe you'd have to strongly consider it. But at some point you have to think about your top needs for this particular year, and wide receiver – by far – isn't one of them.

Let's say that two prospects are there for the Cowboys at No. 10 who they have as equal on their board. Would there ever be a situation where the deciding factor would be who to keep away from the other teams in the NFC East? — PEYTON RAWLS / PEARL, MS

David: As scary as it sounds to have to face some of these guys twice a year, I don't think you can make decisions for your roster based on what New York or Philly might do. Those front offices likely have completely different opinions and grades on all these guys. The unfortunate reality is that the Giants and Eagles are both going to have a shot at a great player, regardless of what the Cowboys do. That's what happens when everyone in the division has a terrible season.

Rob: Not really. This kind of goes back to the first question: If your board says it's close between two players, the deciding factor might be which prospect helps you at a greater position of need. That's an internal question. Can't worry about what the team behind you might do. Plus, you never know if the team behind you might trade out of their pick anyway.

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