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Mailbag: What's Holding The Offense Back Early?


The team keeps saying they need to start faster on offense, but what are the solutions? No touchdowns in the first half in these three losses. Can you point to one or two major issues, or has it been something different each time? Thanks.MATTHEW K / DALLAS, TX

Bryan: Offense is out of rhythm. They're sensitive to their play calling and execution. If one or more of those things get off track, then there are issues. They walk a fine line when it comes to their offense. The rhythm was there for those first three games but these last three it hasn't been the case at all. Get that rhythm back and you will see improvement.

Rob: I don't think you can claim there's one overarching issue. And I don't think the usual buzzwords you hear outside this building, like 'flat' or 'unprepared,' are accurate. They've put themselves in position to score touchdowns early in all three losses. It's really been a handful of individual plays that have stopped drives: a missed throw, a drop, a penalty, a sack, or just a great play by the other team. Effort is not an issue; as Jason Garrett said last week, it seemed like his team has tried to do too much at times. The message might simply be, settle down and execute the plays we know we're capable of executing.

After hearing all of the hype about how versatile Tony Pollard was in college, and based on what we saw in preseason games, why is he not being utilized more? When Amari Cooper left the Jets game and with Randall Cobb already inactive, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to line him up at wide receiver. Thanks! - SHARON LEWIS / EWING, NJ

Bryan: I am sorry to report this to you, but they rarely work Pollard as a wide receiver during practice. It's a game plan thing with him, but he primarily sees all his practice snaps at running back. He does have the versatility to line up outside, but if he doesn't practice it, I think it's hard to line him up there and expect results.

Rob: I understand your question because Pollard had a lot of receiver responsibilities in college. He got seven snaps on offense against the Jets and had a couple nice runs in the second half. But without Cooper and Cobb at receiver they looked to Tavon Austin and Cedrick Wilson, both of whom can line up outside or inside. We haven't seen him that much as a rusher since the Dolphins game, either, so the time and score of the game might influence his role game to game.

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