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Mailbag: What's The Plan At Fullback Now?


With Jamize Olawale opting out of the 2020 season, how do you think the Cowboys will address the fullback position? —  MATTHEW K / DALLAS, TX

David: Let me tell you about a guy by the name of Sewo Olonilua ("Shay-woe. Oh-lah-nah-loo-ah"). In my mind he's one of the most intriguing undrafted free agents in this year's rookie class. The former TCU running back is 6'2, 232 and can run a 4.66 time in the 40. He ran for 1,624 yards during his four years at TCU as part of the Horned Frogs' backfield platoon, and he caught another 60 passes. He's got the bulk to block, and he's got the athleticism to do a lot more. If Mike McCarthy wants to keep a fullback in Olawale's place, this is the guy that intrigues me the most.

Rob: Olawale played only about 10% of the offense's snaps last year and was primarily a special teams contributor. But McCarthy did utilize the fullback position in Green Bay, so it'll be interesting to see what the Cowboys do here. Right now, Olonilua is probably the only backup on the camp roster with the size to transition to a lead-blocking role. As Dave said, he also can contribute as a rusher and receiver out of the backfield. Could tight ends Dalton Schultz and Blake Bell help out some in the backfield? Possibly. With no preseason games expected, Olonilua and the undrafted rookies just don't have many opportunities to stand out. But with no veteran replacement, he would seem to have a real chance.

What does the future hold for Travis Frederick? Is he looking at coaching, at broadcasting? Is he looking to help the Cowboys' rookie offensive line players? Whatever he decides I wish him the very best and salute him for making a tough decision on retiring. — GARY ROBERTS / RUSK, TX

David: From what I know about Travis, I'd be fairly surprised if he wanted to get into broadcasting or coaching, although I guess you should never say never. For the time being, I know he's working on some personal business ventures that he had been developing during the course of his career. He also has two children I'm sure he'll enjoy seeing more often. And obviously his terrific Blocking Hunger Foundation continues to do a lot of good for low-income kids all over the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Rob: It sounds like Frederick has been really focused on his Blocking Hunger Foundation this year. He just finished a Moving the Chains to Block Hunger fundraiser to help raise money for children's meals during the pandemic. Haven't heard anything about broadcasting or coaching in his future. In his retirement statement, he mentioned spending more time with his family. We all wish him the best.

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