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Mailbag: Filling In For Swaim; WR Rotation?


How has Dalton Schultz been progressing? Do you think he could at least help patch the hole in the blocking department while Geoff Swaim is out of the lineup? - LANDON CABELL

Bryan: Dalton Schultz has improved a little each week. His understanding of body positioning and hand use has gotten better. He needs to improve his strike and sustain at the point of attack. He will lack some strength at times as well. This is a big opportunity for him going forward and he needs to take advantage of it.

Rob: We don't know exactly how long Swaim will be out at this point – Jason Garrett did not rule him out for the season, Jerry Jones estimated perhaps 3-4 weeks – but you're right, it looks like Schultz will be needed more at least in the short term. He hasn't gotten many snaps with Swaim active the last two games, but I do think he's been more effective as a blocker than in camp, when he got outmatched at times physically in his first padded pro practices.


It's hard to determine snap counts watching a game on TV, but it appears to me that Jason Garrett has more or less settled on his top 3 WRs as Amari Cooper, Cole Beasley and Michael Gallup with No. 4 being Hurns? Is this accurate? And how do you see the rotation changing with Tavon Austin is healthy again? - DAVID NYSTROM / LOUDON, TN

Bryan: You're correct on the snap counts and that's exactly what needed to be done. I am not counting on Austin anytime soon so that just might take care of itself. There is no rush to get him back on the field and the medical staff will make sure of that.

Rob: That's pretty much it. Cooper and Gallup got over 50 snaps against Atlanta and Beasley had 42. Noah Brown (10) actually had more than Hurns (8), but Hurns has been productive with limited opportunities. I think there's a place for Austin in the rotation – he was only getting about 15-20 snaps a game before his groin injury – but it's unclear when he'll be ready to return.

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